ON BEING — The **Fountain** of YOUTH ;oD

Reflection from October 10th, 2016 @ Age 35


Bryce and Ari were just over—wound up, as all get out!  They’d just procured their Halloween costumes, and came over to try ‘em on again—to show us.  Then Arianna, well, then they removed the costumes so they could enjoy in the devouring of the apple pie I made today.  And then, Ari wanted to put her costume back on, and Andy said “no,” ‘cause they were leaving soon, and Ari burst into expressive disappointment and fell into her mother’s arms—wherefrom I retrieved her, and snuggled her in my arms whilst she wailed.  And, I loved it.

Then, I finally talked her into allowing me to carry her upstairs and show her the first four notes I learned on the ukulele so far, of the Christmas song I started upon—as per Ari’s request last visit over here, that the song I teach her be for Christmas—which I thought, was a fabulous idea ;oD

So, we’re upstairs, she’s asking me for the 14-millionth time where her old birthday crown is, and I’m telling her for the 14-millionth time that I had an aversion to plastic, and unfortunately, that crown—did not make it.  Then, reminding her that’s why I got her the new one for Christmas last year—and telling her the exact location of where she can find it (at home, on her dresser!) ;oD and then I’m showing her the start on my uku, and then Bryce is up in my bedroom too.  And then Andy, and I’m sitting on the bed, Ari watching (distractedly) as I s-l-o-w-l-y strum out the first four chords, and then Bryce—walking all around, just pacing the grounds of my bedroom floor—he stops, looks up at me and says:

“You know Meesa—you look like a teenager, sitting there like that.  Like the fountain of YOUTH, actually.”


I love, that BOY!!!!!!!


And, the girl!


All my love!

24 thoughts on “ON BEING — The **Fountain** of YOUTH ;oD

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