ON WESTWORLD — **Brought** to LIFE ;0)

Reflection from September 4th, 2016 @ Age 35 {a.k.a. Beyonce’s 35th Birthday, yay!}


If you aren’t aware that “reality” is nothing more than a state of mind—then, you have no internal power with which to change it (“it” being, “reality” as “you know it” interestingly enough—given your lack of, umm…)


Conversely though, if you are aware that “reality” is nothing more than your body’s perception and interpretation of external stimuli—and here, by “body” I mean simply—physical receptors within a physical environment, picking up signals externally and transmitting those signals by ways of electro—transmitters (?) to your brain…


Well in any case, the point is the difference between “animal” humans and god/animal hybrid humans, prior of course I suppose—to the ultimate state of humanity being, godlike—immortality (i.e. “pure” energy?) sigh…


Okay, again!

Straight “Up”—Animal Human:  meaning by “up” nothing more—than 100%…

An animal-human has no awareness that “reality” is anything other than 100% concrete, “real” because…animal-human is not aware of “state of mind” a.k.a. consciousness.

As awareness of “state of mind” is enhanced, i.e. consciousness is “raised” UP (!) {and here, by *up,* I mean up! ;oD} animal-human transforms into animal/god-hybrid human…

And quite honestly, hmm…

When you reach enlightenment—that’s the “lifting” of the veil—i.e. attainment of conscious awareness of a direct connection to “God” umm…

And then, there’s the “process” of NIRVANA—which is the process of totally recalibrating, well no…

I’d say enlightenment is—the psychological “recalibration” a.k.a. lifting of the “veil”…

And then Nirvana is the subsequent process of, continuing to calibrate the “device”—i.e. “perfecting” all the prior “flaws” a.k.a. inconsistencies incurred during the path/journey, to enlightenment.  Hmm…

Wow.  Interesting!  Sigh.  I’m feeling very sensitive today—to light and sound and movement lol, to external stimuli I suppose!  Which was totally frustrating me earlier when I was at the store with mom!  Makin’ me feel sick n’all, the way it does—psychological nausea—or however the samhill you spell that word!

Speaking of Sam and hills—lol, sigh…

  1. Uncle Sam and Capitol Hill; —OR—
  2. Lord of the Rings—Frodo’s friend who currently has the Ring whilst Frodo’s captured and some extremely traumatic battle just happened—at which point I haven’t picked the book up for like two weeks now although, not without like 15 gazillion reminders to keep going in the interim ’til this very moment, right now; —OR—
  3. Just an ol’ fashioned way of not swearing in the presence of —GOD—!

Lol, sigh…

Anyways, I was just frame-cutting new dream-file images prior when this all came to me.  Namely, that a person who is aware that “reality” is nothing more than a state of mind, has the “potential” to change reality, given—that said person has a manner/method by which to create a new reality and then graft that new reality—a’top of the old one, in the minds of others…

It’s just super weird…

I just wonder how much Obama knows of all this that’s going on, you know?

I mean really, I guess how many others out there know what’s going on—and literally are, just on the edge of their seats watching, and waiting.  All the other enlightened ones, I guess!  Oooohhh!  I do wonder how many there are!  This is so weird—the strangest, of things!  ;oD



I kept thinking—kept coming back to, I mean—this very recent incident where Lena Dunham publicly apologized for “projecting” her own feelings onto I think, I think it was maybe an NFL player (African-American) at this past “Met-Gala” whenever that was.  And then relating that to my last Jane Says video where I’m talking about Grace Vanderwaal, the 12-year old ukulele player/singer/songwriter whom I love.

And then thinking about how “the others” lol, the other enlightened ones (at the very least, I suppose?)—thinkin’ ‘bout how when I describe her (Grace), they can see me in the reflection(?)…

Or something like that…

Like in July 2015 when I did the video describing the meaning of my “Marilyn Peace Sundial” Exhibit—how you could see me, in the reflection of my description of the meaning of the err…

Of the meaning behind the project, as seen through my eyes…


Well, like that.  And same thing with my February 2014 “Art Gallery in the Green Room” Exhibit—when I explained its meaning all what with Reese and the light from Legally Blonde and Ruth Bader Ginsburg the —DIVA— ;oD

Like thatthat’s what I was thinking about all day shopping and kept getting so frustrated—with myself and feelin’ sick n’all—thinkin’ ‘bout my last video and analyzing all that negative energy coming in, which I kept promptly “converting to positive energy and storing in my energy reserve” i.e. —DEVELOPING— (think photography and the dark room) and, well…

There you have it, I suppose!  I just needed to cut off all that extra external stimuli so I could complete the “developing” process…?

Lol!  Ciggy time!  Then bath!  Then, we’ll see!  ;oD


I don’t think they think I’m “creepy”—which was, the feeling that was frustrating me!  I just think they can’t quite wrap their heads around this whole thing either!  Hah!  Well, look at that!  ;oD


“Highest, deepest, oldest, purest”—that’s what he said—President Obama last week, in his speech about Lake Tahoe or wherever it was that he was at, the place—the location of the setting of The Godfather II about whom he made the “joke” about Fredo’s execution.  At the lake, for betraying his brother, he watched from a’shore—whilst his brother was executed pursuant to—the Godfather’s orders

And the time when Adam’s cousin Jill told me how good I was—at describing Adam’s lung transplant on Facebook, in code.  Just right out in the open—but such that you wouldn’t know the meaning, if you did not also—already know the context…



Bath time!  Rub a dub —DUCKY— ;0)

Hmm… ;oD


It’s just on refrain now, as I sit here freshly bathed and in darkness due to my light-sensitivity at present moment—lol, and as the fire alarm just went off for “no reason” ;oD

“Is that up there, Ris?” and back on and off again…



Highest, Deepest, oldest, purest.

FDC baby—all the way!  ;oD

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