ON BEAUTY — And The **B*E*A*S*T** ;oD

Reflection from September 30th, 2014 @ Age 33

RE:  IN GOD, WE **T*R*U*S*T** ;0)

Well, I’m done.  As it was burning to an “mp4” file ;0)

I prayed to Steve Jobs and watched the white ghost of an apple stand steadily in my thunderbolt (monitor’s ;0) reflection

And I also prayed to —God— and Grandma Varcho and David and Grandpa Sabik and everybody goddamned —else— who’s also, up —there— ;0)

And in addition to that, I got out my “old” music “boxes”—wound ‘em all up tight, and let ‘em fly…

So anyways, I’m feeling a (0; lit—tle ;0) frightened now…

That “the moment” —looms

…so near and all…

And curiously, —something— wicked, is moving steadily through my digestive system now…

Hasn’t “passed” yet, but it’s sure makin’ my stomach mumble and grumble a’ glore!  Ughh!

So yeah, that’s about it…gonna go finish my oatmeal, The Last Unicorn, burning these DVD’s and putting the packages all together for —CONGRESS— and write the letter to good ‘ol Mr. Murphy before the clock strikes —midnight— …

So, I’ma go do that I guess ;0/

I am very, very TIRED

—SO— tired I almost feel 1/2 dead already ;0)

But anyways…off I go!


12 thoughts on “ON BEAUTY — And The **B*E*A*S*T** ;oD

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