ON GIVING THANKS — To **America’s** F.B.I. Director James Comey ;oD

Reflection from November 21st, 2016 @ Age 35


Wow.  Wow.

So, I’ve been reading through all these articles right, that I put together regarding the FBI/2016 Election/Blackmailing situation—and it just came to my attention, that, wow

So many, I mean, I don’t even know how many, if all or what!  But, just generally speaking, I’m fairly certain the GOP is experiencing Stockholm Syndrome—and “money,” as their captor, has literally, programed them to believe that they’re doing nothing “wrong” i.e. unethical at all, and that “the media” and these darned “socialist liberals” are literally the ones making all the unethical decisions, or whatev’s.  Wow


Wow.  And the funny part of all this is—I’m entirely certain I’ve had this thought before.  And by “funny” of course, I mean interesting and also frankly—a little frightening.


I’ll have to look that up in my archives—see if I wrote about that anywhere although, I still have a bunch of old journals to type up:  the painful ones from like, November 2014 when I fell off the face of the Earth ’til who knows when.  All I know, is that I’ve reached this conclusion once before—I’m not even sure if it was in regard to the GOP as victim or myself, but I know one way or the other I have, thought that thought before!

And, if you think about it—it makes total sense.  Which I obviously will be doing here again, and shortly at that!  But, just for the time being—ughh…

So much sense!

Money programed GOP to think money is “God,” and media/socialist liberals are scum of the Earth, with GOPers then—in between them.  So, like a pyramid—with “money” at the top ;oD


And, Democrats and the media can be so super mean to the GOP—I mean, I used to be!  And then, in order to get my mind back—I did have to figure out how to do the impossible.  Like Lena Dunham was talking about post-election, in I think, her Lenny Letter article regarding her refusal to “love” i.e. accept, have compassion for, etc. etc. those with the GOP who are psychologically abusive—wow.

I still gotta read her article, but that’s why it caught my eye in the first place—because it reminded me, that in the past three years, I have done the impossible.

I mean sure, just on a one-to-one basis thus far—with Senator Coley and Speaker Boehner, and I do think to some extent D. Trump and Speaker Ryan.  Wow

So long as you hate your captor—your captor controls your mind.  Wow…

And so, human-animal, if s/he had any God prior—after entering captivity, reverts entirely back to human-animalistic psychological tendencies…

And, that is the state I was in psychologically, which kept causing me to want to kill myself—because my “God” component (a.k.a. *conscience*) is built-IN; it is, as, just as Nietzsche said—inexorable.  But, not so with non-seriously-mentally-ill human beings.  And so, they revert back to pure human-animal—and confuse:  (1) their tyrant/“money”/captor—i.e. slavedriver (themselves, the GOP humans I mean—“money’s” slaves); with (2) “socialist”/“communist”/“radical” liberals and “elite” media establishments.

Money psychologically hacks the psyches of these human beingsrewires them to believe money is innocent, liberal/media is their captor/oppressor/tyrant…

And, it works—so long as liberals and the media continue to hate and exclude money’s GOP-slaves.  Wow.  There’s even a name for it, and everything!

Wow.  And right in the middle of it all, is good ol’ Timothy Murphy—United States Representative for the State of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives for the United States of **AMERICA** ;oD

Wow.  He’s a psychologist!  How could he not even be aware that this’s going on?!!


Well, in any case, back to it!  I just made it to my 11/4/2016 documents ;oD

So, almost done with pre-election coverage—err, first run through in any case.  And then, post-election to go, and then Wikipedia “Stockholm Syndrome” and “Mind Control” articles to follow.  What’s really strange about all of this, though—is that James Comey/FBI Director actually mentioned mind-control I think, in an article I’ve already read from the pre-election materials, from what I believe at best recall to’ve been the Huffington Post.  Something about a crazy big ol’ deal of a hedge-fund like, in Switzerland or somethin’—how they used to use “mind-control” on their employees, which Comey knew as the hedge fund’s in-house attorney.

This was like backstory right, in this HuffPost article regarding why Comey and Obama seemed like a mismatch but in fact—were not.  Something about Comey way-back-when working as in-house counsel or whatev’s for this hedge-fund firm—he made some kinda comment like, the mind-control was actually helpful, ‘cause it kept the hedge-fund employees from getting into trouble.  Trouble, I presume—which Comey’d then have to otherwise, clean up.  As attorney…

Ohh, my GOD…

Wow, okay—back to it!


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