ON MARY — And The Manger.

Reflection from January 23rd, 2017 @ Age 35


Hi.  Sigh.  I feel alright.



Well, not a whole lot goin’ on here today—relatively speaking, that sorta thang ;oD

I haven’t really yet, delved back into the political news—if that’s even the correct tense of the word, noting, in either case, I couldn’t care less.  At the moment, in any case…


Well, anyway…

I’m just about to sit down, downstairs—again, at the kitchen table.  All of my parents’ Christmas decor is wrangled up on over into the dining room—though, not yet packed up and taken back down into the basement, ‘cause I’ve had neither the energy nor the focus to do it just yet.

Well, that

And then, also, we have this manger right—“just” this CRAPPY old manger


Nah, I’m just kiddin’!  Well, I mean, we do have a manger alright—but it is super old.  I mean, we got this manger back when I, even, was a lit-tle girl

Way back when, I’d say…

Hmm.  I’d say 1988, if I had’a guess.  I was like 7, right, and our neighbor Shelley (who used to watch my brothers and I after school, ’til our parents got home from work) enjoyed arts and crafts.  So, that fall, before Christmas, she took us to the arts n’ crafts store—and we got that manger, and then all the little white manger-esque figurines you would need, to paint and then fire on up in the ol’ kiln.


And so, that

Well, on or about 1988 in any case, that’s what we did—Shelley and me and my brothers, for my mama, for Christmas.  And when I include “my brothers” there but of course, you have to take into consideration—the evolutionary status of video games back in 1988, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?


So anyways, we made it for my mom way back when, and it was one of those things I found whilst “rummaging” around in the basement—post-psychological recalibration, back in say…

Ohh I dunno, maybe spring of 2015.

So, I found it then, but I didn’t actually get it out and set it all up yet—’til just this past Christmas, 2016.  Like I said, lack of energy really—being key!

So, I did get it all out this year, for Christmas—but the manger, was positively falling apart!  And so, I did actually, I mean—I was able, to even find a glue gun in the laundry room!  But that’s about as far as I got…


So, I’ve been holding off putting everything else away, all the “decor” and that sort’a thang—’til I finally found the energy to fix the manger, so it’s all ready to go when I get it ready for showing next Christmas.


So, that’s what I’ma go do now—fix, the manger.  And, otherwise, bake a chocolate marble cake—and from there, I think, just play it by ear.


14 thoughts on “ON MARY — And The Manger.

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