Reflection from February 9th, 2017 @ Age 35



You know how these “GOP” peeps, are always slobbering over President Reagan (as if—President Lincoln, yada yada yada… ;oD)?

Well, it totally just occurred to me—that “Reagan” is also the name of the little girl who got possessed, right?  Like, in The Exorcist ;oD

Lol!  That, AND ;oD

Also, that we have not ONE—but, two *ladies* of the land.




I was just thinking of Senator Coley earlier today, actually.  Let’s see, when was this?  Ohhh, I can’t even remember now!  I can’t remember if it was prior to the end of the ol’ S.B. 43 legislative—mental-health, legislative-advocacy journey in February 2014, or later that year…

Ugh.  Well, it was likely on or about either February 2014, July 2014, or the last time I saw him (i.e. before he and his office peeps just all UP n’stopped responding ;oD) in August 2015, I think it was—anyway…

On or about the applicable date (I think it was February 2014, if not that July of the same year—prior to the ol’ November 2014 psychological recalibration and then, but of course, my ‘Becoming Mary Jane’ Trilogy Book No.3 December 2014 ending)—ugh!  Okay!

When I went to see him, for a meeting at his office.  So, this’s like at the Ohio Statehouse, right—prior to the feds confiscating my Thomas Edison statue (he’s my bud, but it’s okay—he’s keepin’ watch over Speaker Ryan and the ol’ Mitch McConnell, now ;oD)—whew!  So much, to SAY ;oD

Okay, so anyways and I’m really gonna actually, try’n stay on point—this time!


I went to the Ohio Statehouse and had a meeting with Senator Coley, with his female aide (I’m pretty sure it was still Emily, actually—it’s Rachel, now) and I—so, just the three of us, right…


And, of course, it was a great meeting—which is no surprise, ‘cause every meeting I ever had with Senator Coley was great.  And so, it ended, and he was walking me out past his aides’ desks, and then past Drew and the little reception area there—and we get to the door, at long last…


And, let’s see, what did he say?  Now, lemme think—one sec, here…



Lol, so

I thanked him—for allowing me to come in and meet with him.


And then, he responded by saying “your welcome” in the following format:

“Whadduya think—I want you hangin’ around my office all the time, Lady?”




Ugh!  Lol, see!  Now I’m crying ;oD

I told you—I definitely struggle with the ol’ not-getting-attached-to-the-ones-you’re-sent-to-watch-over issue.


No, I’m okay…

See!  No more tears!  Wet streaks, all over my face—but, no mascara on, and see!  That’s a blessing ;oD

Okay, see!  Yep—now I’m laughing!  I’m okay!  But, anyway—I was just thinking about that earlier today.  I’m sure, before that point in time—and quite frankly, since that time all the way up ’til now!

I’d been called “Miss” and “Mrs.” and then the ol’ Mizzz, of course—before ;oD

But, never in my life—had I ever before that moment, been called Lady.


So, I don’t really know that it was just, that reason—but, suffice it to say, that for the totality of reasons in play…


That, was just one of those moments in life—the ones that creep up on you, while you’re not even paying attention…


And then, strike you with lightening—and then you’re all blind, and don’t even know what happened!

Yep ;0)

Love loves, to love LOVE ;oD

I thinkthat’s the saying ;0)

So, anyway…

I was thinking ‘bout that, as it related to these awesome Lady Liberty drawings—which, incidentally, I’d retweeted today, as a compilation.  But, the one that’s my favorite, where she’s holding her Muslim baby—all up n’pissed, ‘bout a’ HULK-the-F out on some constitutionally-unfaithful, white “American” males…

Mhmm, yeah, that one—where she’s got the eyes of Lady Amalthea from the horror-show movie cartoon-rendition of my favorite book (ugh…okay, Catcher, Expectations and this one—there are three tied for first; I misspoke, earlier) a.k.a. The Last Unicorn, by the ol’ *Peter* Beagle ;0)

Well, anyway again—for the gazillionth transitional turn, here ;oD

Coley thought—led me to Lady; Lady, led me to Lady Liberty picture—with Muslim baby and Lady Amalthea eyes, which I’d retweeted individually, I can’t remember when…

Just, prolly when that hashtag was trending—on Twitter, about this whole unconstitutional Muslim ban.  And so, that was the image in my brain, right—earlier today, just post-thoughts regarding Senator Coley.

So, then, I got on Twitter to see if I could find any morelike it.  I mean, like that one—which is my favorite, ‘cept now, it’s my favorite as tied in first place with this one, other one…


Which, as it happens, totally had the Lady with the Scales of Justice—along with, Lady Liberty!  In the drawing!


And it was so funny, and I just loved it—‘cause this was post-thought from even earlier today, re: the Hulk is green, and so is Lady LIBERTY ;oD

And then I found this other one—and I retweeted it cause I loved it, also!


But then, later here, this evening—I was trying a’get this, ugh

I got this new “Verilux” S.A.D. lamp from Amazon, right—‘cause my doc recommended it to try, for these energy issues I’ve been having, lately…

He recommended I try this one, in particular—‘cause my other one’s super old and he said the energy of the bulbs, may no longer be what they used to be.

So, I ordered this new one after that appointment with Dr. S last month—and it came, and it has two different energy “lenses,” high and then the other one, is…

I’ll check, actually…

One sec…

“Comfort Lens,” is the other—and then, the directions recommend you try a coin in this little slot at the top of the lamp, to wedge out the holder if you wanna change the lens.  And, frankly, I’ve just been utilizing my NAIL ;oD

But, I just removed my nail polish, and prepped my cuticles and nails for a new color application—i.e. my nails are presently too “short,” in terms of accomplishing the ol’ slot/wedge/lens-holder-change, you see?

So, I got the only coin I have around—a penny, with Lincoln (obviously), circa 2015, I think.  Sigh…

WHERE, was I going with this?!!


Lol…let’s check!

Ohhh yeah…


So, anyway…


Had the penny out, and got’a lookin’ at it; and as it, turns OUT!


There’s a super interesting Latin phrase on there, also!  On the opposite side from Lincoln, though—but, same coin, right…

And, so, I get on Wikipedia!  Look it up!  And, I don’t know…

That’s what I was doing, when I pulled that new favorite pic of L.L. up again—to look at.  And, I was like, “Now, who’s the badass with Lady Libertyholding the Scales of Justice, here?”

And then, I typed “Scales of Justice” into Wikipedia—and we totally have a TWO-lady situation, on our hands ;oD

And, this is totally anticlimactic NOW—because, of course, it all makes perfect sense.  ALL the cents in the world, you could say—even ;oD

But the whole point is, I’ve been so totally focused on Lady Liberty—that I didn’t even notice, we have TWO ladies!



It’s just a very exciting development—I can’t tell you why; you’ll just have to wait n’see—if that’s the kinda thang, you find to be interesting ;oD

Lol…but, suffice it to say—it made me very happy.  I’ve never known a love like this, before.



All my love, forevermore.



Ohhh yeah…


But, I didn’t sit down, to write all these thoughts out earlier today—‘cause I’ve been running around like a chicken with her head cut off, all DAY!


Doing God (does!) know what ;oD

Mostly, just toning and walkin’ D outside in the 20-degrees—and just, makin’ sure I remember to eat, took a bath, and then got myself prepared to sit down, and do all this reading.  And so, I did—but, before doing so, the whole lamp/slot/wedge/penny thing, then Wikipedia, and then, “Ugh! Sit down—and read!”

Or, in other words, assigned reading—NOT randomly reading, for pleasure ;oD

And so, I did ;oD

And the first up, on my ol’ docket here—is a one, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King, Jr. (obviously…).


And, so, I’m readin’ along, you know—and get to, “You deplore the demons…” and then stop, and write a lil’ MBM-III note ;oD

And then, I get over it


And, I’m just readin’ away through the first two-pages—makin’ all kinds’a pink n’ yellow highlights, tryin’ not’a highlight every single, sentence ;oD

And then, I got to the end of the first paragraph at the top of page three.  And, I read, “…groups tend to be more immoral than individuals,” thought of Nietzsche’s “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe…” sentiment—smiled, felt my heart move inside me, and then—off I went!  9:13pm ’til now—writing.

My cup runneth over…

All my love,

Marissa Kristina Varcho


You know how “they” say, you’ll know when you’re done researching, ‘cause it’ll be the point—when the research starts repeating itself?

Well, it really does feel like the pot’a gold at the end of the rainbow—as, PROMISED ;oD


Actually, I’m pret-ty sure, it was my July 2014 meeting with Senator Coley—‘cause I had my Valentino sheath on, from T.J. Maxx Runway section ;oD

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