Reflection from February 16th, 2017 @ Age 35



Was just vacuuming and had’a stop.  ‘Cause, well…

About, heroes, then—if you’re tryin’ a’MAKE, yourself, a hero…

Via words, in the entire absence of corresponding action, wholist…


W-holistically speaking…

Then, the burden shifts—right there.


Obviously.  So obvious—it’s not even funny.  Sigh.

A “hero” by actionis a *hero* per se.  And, yeah, ANY kinda set of circumstance that’s gonna require “heroic” (a.k.a. original) action and/or behavior—will surely invite the opportunity, for cowards, to tryin’ misinterpret the good-faith deeds of others who were not too afraid to act…

SURE, as the Sun does Rise—cowards who chose in-the-moment (a.k.a. the most difficult, and most important timeto, keep faith)…

“Cowards” who chose not to act, for whatever reason—they don’t really become cowards ’til after the FACT, when they do so choose to act in a manner that is in-genuine.  So, for example, rather than owning UP—to their inability to act, well…

Either:  [1] inability to’ve taken action in the moment due to fear; and/or, [2] LACK of creative-aptitude, just generally speaking (which, of course, is not their doing)—it’s that moment, after the fact (i.e. after that critical-mass moment, has passed)…

When a human being chooses, as opposed to either of the two former options—the human opts for the third option, being

Rather than walk through the fire (i.e. of embarrassment, shame—or really, I suppose, just any kinda sociologically-imposed negative feelings)—the human chooses, wow

DOES choose, in that moment—to slink away.  Or, in other words, enters the darkness—in order to avoid facing the light.  Whew; and then, HELLO 7-deadly sins ;oD

See if you make it out alive ;oD

And then, things get even messier and messier, and ohhh!  Just continue on, to do so—’til you do choose to face the light (i.e. cue, AA *amends* step!).

Hmm!  Well, in any case—I’m not even sure what the point is here, other than—I’m goin’ a’paint my nails.


OPI Hello Kitty—“Look at my Bow” color pink.


All my love!

Marissa Kristina Varcho

Ohh yeah—duh!

ALL of my love,

[M] ar [I] ss [A]

Kris [t] ina

[V] arch [O]



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