ON THE LIT-TLE GIRL & THE OLD MAN — The End, And Their NEW **Beginning** ;0)

Reflection from February 24th, 2017 @ Age 35

RE:  THE **Mother** of GOD, versus the anti-CHRIST? C’MON, guys ;oD


Yo.  It’s me.  It feels like it’s been awhile—just 8 days though, really.  Sigh.  Isn’t that funny—how “just” 8 days, can feel like over an eternity?  Lol…

Once up—ON—a time, you see ;oD

Anyway, mama got her hip surgery done and over with yesterday—and she’ll be home tomorrow, so I was just about’a start on a cake.  But, I wanted’a sit down and capture 2-things:

No.1.  Questionable Mariah Carey article; and

No.2.  MBM-III, in England ;oD

Really, though, mostly just the first issue here—that’s been, actually, bothering me.  Sigh

‘Kay, real quick!


I think I read an article header somewhere, that was sayin’ something like—“Mariah Carey says she literally could not survive in the Real World,” I mean…

That was the gist of it, I think.  And, honestly, I didn’t click on the link and read the article or anything—‘cause there is so little time, and there are so many books to read.

But, I skim the headlines, you know—just in case there IS, something extraordinarily interesting.  And then, of course, this happens—inevitably, which’s cool…

It’s not like my ability to keep an open-mind—didn’t require 3-decades of training.

So, anyway, “this” being—THOUGHTS that slip in and disturb me.  So, here then, for instance—I read that article header, right?  And then, for whatever reason(s)—if something (like this) disturbs me, the way I know that it’s disturbed me is ‘cause it’ll hook onto a repetitive-loop in my mind; whereby, EACH time the thought leaves my disturbed consciousness—it then, LOOPS around through my subconscious, all the way back again.  As in, ALL the way full circle, through my subconscious—BACK into my consciousness, where it then, disturbs me again.  And, lastly then, regarding this lit-tle consciousness lesson


The only way to break that cycle, so as to get the thought to stop disturbing me—IS to take the time to stop, sit down, and either write or do a video talking about it.  And then, just see what comes out—which’s actually kinda cool, when said process leads to new CREATION, consistently.  So, anyway…

Back, to Mariah Carey…

Yeah, that thought—could not survive in the “real” world; it’s disturbing.  First, and most obviously (from my own, humble perspective)—is, COULD?  Or, would not want to—hence, WOULD do “anything” I had to do, to avoid said circumstance?  And, the second—doesn’t she have 2 kids?  And most notably, ONE of which at the very least—that is female?  What kind of example, is that—to set for a daughter?

But, MUCH more importantly—I was just curious as to whether she’s considered her statement from within the light of that, particular perspective.  And, in all honesty, I don’t even know—what that’d look like, from within the light of a young boy’s perspective.

Hence, just the whole thing—I found it to be disturbing, just generally speaking.  And, in that sense, going back to the first part, then—regarding doing ANYTHING, to avoid having to live without money…

Sigh.  It just made me think of what’s become of America’s “GOP,” really.

Just, the whole thing—disturbing.  And, there’s actually so much more material there—lying BENEATH, this seemingly superficial article-heading issue.  But, I’ll get int’a that later!


For now, suffice it to say—I feel like this MBM-III in England news, means an album is forthcoming…


So, yay ;oD

Okay!  BACK—to baking ;oD

All my love,

Marissa Kristina


Ohh, by the way

Did you see that “Kellyanne Conway” thing?  It was an article on The Hill, I think—at the very least, about some Ivy-league law professors working on getting her disbarred in DC.

I didn’t even KNOW, she was a lawyer—nor that her maiden name, is FITZ-something ;oD

But, this is exactly what I mean—or, rather, meant in the sense of a past…

Well, MY present-life reflections—as seen, via post-life rear-view mirroring.  THAT kinda thang…





I just mean, this’s exactly the kinda reason—I found the whole “lawyering” as a profession, to be so disturbing.  And, so then too, also, I suppose, now—why it’s so nice to see somebody else, too, thinking about solutions.

SO many solutions—we have literally, RIGHT at our very own, fingertips.  Whew!

What a time to be alive ;oD


Baking ;oD

All my love!


Ohh yeah…


Sigh.  Lol…

I tell you WHAT—I…

One sec!



Lol, cakes are cooling now!



Sigh.  That aside, though—THIS’s what I was gonna tell you…

So, a long long time ago—in a galaxy now, I mean…

A galaxy that is, now—SO, so super far, away


Okay, ‘member when I told you about that “package” ;oD I sent to President Obama—at the White House right, circa October 2014, I think?

Right, so…

AT that time, I also—well…

I also sent out like a gazil-or-so, OTHER packages—as were, related, I mean…

ALL these other “packages” relating, to same…

“Same,” of course being, President Obama’s “package” you know—what with the *X* marks-the-spot via Tiffany Lamp USPS-stamp formation n’all, THAT sort’a thang.

Sigh.  So, anyway…

I’m super tired, by the way—however, I’ma just get this OUT, then take…

Ohh, you don’t need my to-do list ;oD

Finish!  *o*Kayyy…

Let’s see, gazil other packages TOO, right—all of which were delivered via the USPS, with the SOUL exception of one.


And, as it turns OUT—that one soul exception, which the USPS refused, to deliver…

Ugh—one sec!


Okay, cakes are now, STILL cooling—but, outside, of the pans…



YES, where was I?  Ohh yeah…


So, of ALL these gazil different “packages,” right—there was ONE, and one alone, the USPS refused to deliver.  And, as it happened


Sigh.  ‘Kay, pizza’s here now, too—cooling…


But, to finish

This one last package, the USPS failed to deliver—or, refused, rather…

Was actually, meant to be delivered to “Eminem @ Shady Records” in New York City…


I kidyou NOT!


So, anyway, I’d JAMMED all the contents into one’a these “Scotch 6×9 Self-Sealing Bubble Mailers”—the entirety of which, taken TOGETHER (i.e. all of the “packages,” excluding President Obama’s which required something—a lit-tle, larger ;oD)—sigh

TAKEN together, all these yellow, bubble mailers—right?  Taken together, they comprised what shall, from hereon after—be referred to, as, THE:


Lol, baaasically

The Flying Quadruple-Helix Holy-Spirit Yellow Brick Road—you see?


And, so, since all gazillion packages (with the, *JUST* one exception of Marshall Bruce Mathers’) WERE, in fact, delivered—the SIMPLE, twist-of-plot (relating to the soul-exception) was no big deal at all.

Anyway, I’m getting lost here—pizza’s gettin’ COLD, sigh

Can’t zone out this Japanese zombie movie, my dad’s watchin’ downstairs…



Suffice it to say, the POINT, for now—is that, I promised “myself,”


That at LONG last (after many, many days—if not weeks, of putting off)—

I promised myself at long last, that I’d open it UP—and once a’more, examine its contents.  Which, I’ve already done once—but, it was a LONG long time ago…

In a galaxy, now—lol…


You get the point!  But, I’ve been putting it off (in a destructive fashion, i.e. with a GROWING sense of apprehension)—‘cause there’s something, that frightens me, about doing it.

And yet, I’m WELL aware—that I will be just fine (no.1);

That there IS, an important reason—as it relates to this particular, timing (no.2);

And, lastly, (no.3) that DOING so—will provide me with the next key (that I need).

And, so…

AS, the saying goesI’ma just do it ;oD

Tonight!  But, FIRST—pizza, remove nail-polish and bathe, in EPSOM salts.


But, sigh

DEFINITELY, tonight…

Sigh.  It will be fine, Maris!  So much BETTER—than “fine,” and you know it!

You are NOT, now—in the same psychological place you were, back then!

The DIFFERENCE, you could say—between night and day, even.



Ugh!  I’m fine!  PIZZA!


To Be Continued—On **Jane** Says ;oD

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