THE **Grand** Ol’ Republican Koch-Block Manure: report.

Reflection from March 1st, 2017 (a.k.a. *Ash* Wednesday ;oD) @ Age 35




Hi guys!




Boy!  WHAT a start to spring, I tell you—in like a lion, is right ;oD



I mean, I mean it—for SURE!  But, in the best sense—in terms of “sense,” as a *WHOLE* ;oD


I’m just about’a hop on and finish up my TCOB and JS blog posts—the 2 of which, taken together, will comprise my last journal entry, as one WHOLE!

And then, I’ma finish the Twitter feed I began, last NIGHT—which I was not able, to finish then, due to internet/Twitter “security” issues ;oD


But, in all honesty—no. big. deal.



‘Cause I appreciate safety, for sureso LONG, as it is pro-life (a.k.a. does NOT, violate the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of **America’s** United States).  So, there’s THAT—and then, what else?


Oh, duh ;oD

It’s not like it’s the first time, a “Republican” has try’d’a Koch-block my pathyou know


That being said, though—what I particularly loved, about last night’s incident…

Was the realization, JUST post-midnight—that “to’day* just happens to be, **Ash** Wednesday.


Ashes, ashes—’til it ALL. falls. down.

And, in the mean while—I’ma be workin’ on some beauty cultivation

As, always…

All my love!




Bildungsroman ;oD

I <3 apple ;oD

SPEAKING of which, and notably, the poisonous one—that was fed to me by the white-skinned males in this society, which I only HALF-finished vomiting back up for them last night, due to “security” reasons ;oD

It is unbelievable that someone would do that, to another human being.  Let alone, a teeny weeny lit-tle TINY white-skinned male portion, of our population—to the massively massive, masses of “minorities” remainder.  Lol…

In TROUBLE, on Ash Wednesday—of all DAYS ;oD

For showing the manner in which said TEENY, weeny population—is presently abusing their “power” (accurately, though—FORCE, which also belongs to The Mother) inside the confines of **America’s** United States.  Lol…


C.S. Lewis was rightROARING farce ;oD

Lol.  Sigh



I did, hop on paper here—for a reason.  Now, let’s see…

Sigh.  ‘Kay.  REAL quick ;oD

Just wanted’a be so super discipled, as to TAKE the time to sit down here, and write—to report, a few weeks back and then, tonight

The particular thought that’s been CROSSING—my mind…




Okay, here goes…

Umm, something to do with my now ex-husbandthe demon

Ohh yeah…



I’ve been unusually aware as of late, of this MOMENT, right—when, at the end of my 5-week mental-health Book Month (April-May 2012), my demoniac now (THANK, God!) ex-husband said unto me:

“If I had it, to do all over again—I’d’a kept the money, and left you THEN.”

Now, THAT was the spring after we’d combined all of my finances, but just some of his—and I guess, at the time (during which, I was notably not mentally healthy—thanks in PART, to his psychologically abusive “tendencies” a.k.a. habits towards ME), sigh

Two questions:

No.1.  Kept—what money?


No.2.  Left me—WHEN?

“When,” I always presumed to mean—BEFORE, Book Month’s beginning.  Which then, begs the further question—what exactly did happen (MBM-III) during Book Month (oh! Spiritually, speaking ;oD)…

That WOULD, cause my demoniac (now!) ex-husband to wish he could “punish” me—had he KNOWN (prior, to Book Month) that (during, Book Month), it was going, to happen?

You know what I mean?  It’s strange—once you get to THINKIN’!

And, furthermore, to which money—WAS, he referring?

I always assumed ;oD

Before I, at long last—DID learn, how to “think” like a lawyer…


Thank you, **Socrates** ;oD


I used to assume he was “just” referring, to whatever nominal amount would’ve been—HIS contribution, where:

  1. Our…well, all of my money was combined in—with some, of his;
  2. I had 5-weeks worth’a no income—prolly only “joint” savings, to which we’d contributed equally;
  3. A ridiculous amount of student debt—and then, just, regular monthly expenses.

I mean, who knows ;oD

The point, being—ALL the recent while that particular memory, has been on recall

I’ve, VERY much so, gotten the sense—that a lot’a other people’ve been wondering, this very same, EXACT thing.  And, notably, given its mention in that movie I sent out—via, THE…

Flying Quadruple-Helix Holy-Spirit Yellow Brick Road/Circa 2014 ;oD

In gazil’s, EVEN


I’ve very much so gotten this sense, about that something all those others, HAVE been wondering—for a length of time, well…

LET’s just say, a much lengthier time—than, just the past few weeks.


So, I’ll have to look back, now—at the material posted ONLINE, on my blogs

ON or about, or just prior—to that time.  Cause, I gotta tell ya—I do, get the feeling


That something I said in there, oh!  And, my videos, too—that, something I said in there, whatever it was, provided at the very least, SOME kind of clue.



I gotta tell, you—I think, I mean…

I do think, or, at the very LEAST—get the **feeling** ;oD

That it’s got something to do with those Koch Bros., the FBI, The *X* Files division at the FBI—and mariology.

Yo, somebody’s in some DEEP ass trouble…

And I can tell you, for SURE—it is not, The. Mother. of. GOD.


All my love!



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