ON THE **SHINING** ERA — To Follow Our Lit-tle, ANTI-Camelot Moment Here ;oD

Reflection from March 5th, 2017 @ Age 35




Let’s see:

  1. 8 Mile—Pied Piper;
  2. Video No.9—memory of kidnapping/rape wafting about, within my subconscious;
  3. Tiny Tots;
  4. Prior Reagan/Regan/Exorcist thought;
  5. No.4, combined—with white-skinned male’s Exorcist comments/mental-illness mockery, as U.S. Senator within HBO’s *Confirmation* movie;
  6. MY prior, casting of President Obamaas, **America’s** GOD ;oD
  7. And, at long lickety LAST—Kellyanne Conway’s **attempted** mockery ;oD of ALL—of the above.


As you well know, it’s always wise to start with a MAP—but, notably so, when painting a picture here, in art therapy class.


Sigh.  I’m so, looking forward—to finishing this entry ;oD


And we slay, we slayall DAY, all day…



I Beyonce ;o)

Alright, Let’s GO!

Numero UNO—yeah

That’s like, yahhh…


It’s like a “Y,” right—combined with the “a” sound, in “atlas,” ‘kay?




Okay, so all these thoughts—taken together, right—at the same, time…

But, for illustrative purposes—we’ll first, spell ‘em out, one by one…

Beginning, of coursewith 8 Mile


So, in the lyrics, right—it’s, something, like…

Best’a BELIEVE—somebody’s payin’ the Pied Piper…

Whatever that means—which’ll become clear here, later…

Secondly, in my 9th video journal I ever made—i.e. the one from back in, I think, November 2013, wherein, I’m havin’ an allergic reaction to those psycho-tropic “medications” all those mental-healthmedical professionals” used to want me to take…

I’m talkin’ about some of the SIDE-effects I used to get, from taking, same—i.e. night TERRORS, severe suicidalideation,” THAT sort’a thang

HENCE, “medications.” 

Sigh.  Anyway, there’s a part in there, where I’m describing what I mean, by “night” terrors—and I say, something like:

“I have recurring nightmares, about…”

“I don’t even wanna say it, out LOUD…”

“You see these girls on TV, who get kidnapped—and raped…”

THAT’s, what I—used to have, nightmares about.  Sigh.

Third, when I was a very little girl—before kindergarten but, even before preschool…

I mean, starting at 6-weeks old—I think…

My mom would drop my brothers and I off at this “Tiny Tots” daycare, right—and then, she’d drive to Brecksville for work at Ohio Bell, and my dad worked in North Canton at Camelot.

Anyway, sigh

This’s out in Farmersville, USA—a.k.a. Greentown, Ohio, right…

Where I grew upacross the street from the cornfields, THAT sort’a thang…

And, I remember my mom dropping me off—‘cause it was a whole big ordeal, every morning, before I had words, even…

I would cling to her, and ball my eyes out—and when I got older, she told me she’d arrive at work, where her girlfriends’d point out, she had snot all over her clothes, right—in the back.

And, they would lean on each other, as women sometimes do—in order to live THROUGH, the trauma that “life,” has dealt unto you.  And, thus—my “outrageous” morning “behavior,” was thereby normalized.  But, this nagging feeling I’ve been getting, as of LATE—leads me to wonder whether my morning behavior, was even at ALL, “outrageous.”  As in, what. the. FUCK—was done, to my TEENY-tiny baby-girl body, way the fuck back when, at Tiny Tots?

Which, of COURSE, provides a lovely lit-tle, lead-in there—like IV-y, right?

Mhmm!  As it relates to our former, DEAR old Prezy Rea—and all the “Republicans” who slobber like Pavlov’s dogs, at the sound of his name…

And, the lit-tle girl, named Regan—who becomes possessed by a demon, in the “movie,” The Exorcist.  Which leads us, to the fifth sense—regarding the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice I don’t care what his name is—who, UNDER the supervision of 1st President Bush (1 of 2), made a mockery of mental-illness in women, and young **American** Girls.

Oh!  Duh!  With the HELP, but of course—of “America’s” WHITE-skinned, political whore males.

Which leads us, THEN—to the sixth sense


Within which, Itook the liberty


To cast, President Obamaas God of baby girl, **America** you see?

Followed up, by the seventh sense—wherein, Kellyanne Demoniac Conway, got the “bright” idea…


To go, “commando,” ;oD

During Black History Month—in an OVAL office full of African American men.

BIG mistake


All my love, bishhhhhhes


To Be Continued—On **JANE** Says ;oD

8 thoughts on “ON THE **SHINING** ERA — To Follow Our Lit-tle, ANTI-Camelot Moment Here ;oD

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