ON THE IDES OF MARCH — And, The Most **Powerful** WOMAN in the Universe ;0)

Reflection from March 15th, 2017 @ Age 35





I just watched this CNN (hour-long, only) documentary—entitled, “The Most Powerful Man Alive,” on Vladimir Putin ;oD

And, it WAS—so very, interesting ;oD

Sigh.  Where—to begin, even?



Well, first and foremost—I can certainly see, why Vladimir <3’s me ;oD

Noting, though, that I did literally, JUST finish watching the documentary—which added a bunch’a new pieces to my lit-tle, puzzle here ;oD

Lol, so, as for explaining why he so <3’s me—patience, will be, the key.  Sigh.  Let’s see…

What else?


Oh yes, okay…

  1. “Powerful”—meaning;
  2. Ukraine, imposition—as compared, to “American” imposition;
  3. “freedom,” vs. *FREEDOM*—noting, Friedrich Nietzsche; and
  4. Blank Space—in CASE, I happen to remember that last thing ;oD

Alright, first, I get why CNN used the word “powerful” in the title of this documentary—but, to the best of my understanding (to-date—as of, “to’day* you see…), there still seems to be a significant misunderstanding, with that *whole* force vs. power dichotomy.

And, that’s all the further I’m gonna go, there—for, well, the time being.

Oh yeah, and no.4 there—the aforementioned “blank space,” you see


Is for, People—and, poverty.

Okay, secondly, I still don’t understand why, Russia went’n imposed itself, on Ukraine—but, notably so, NOW, after watching this CNN documentary…

Where, “America’s” imposition upon Russia doesn’t, seem to be—something that Putin, in particular, found to be, umm…pleasing.

You know what I mean?  I don’t get it, but—this’s why I so much so, <3 learning!


Thirdly, with every day that goes BY, it’s becoming more and more apparent, to me—that, well, “freedom,” has no universal meaning.  Which’s why I find it helpful, at the very least—to utilize Nietzsche’s meaning, for same—within the context of that ‘Force vs. Power’ passage, as applicable within America’s Democracy.  Or, in other words, Nietzsche’s Epilogue—to my **America’s** 2016 State of the Union Address paper, that I wrote back in January 2016.  And then, hmm

Lol, ohh yes!  That guy’s ‘Force vs. Power’ passage (I want to say, Hawking, Md., PhD.?)—which I utilized in my Jane Says post, entitled:


*T*H*E* Lit-tle Mermaid/Whosits & Whatsits Galore—CROWN **Bowler**/iWill Protect This House, Video Challenge…

Challenging—indeed ;oD

Anyway, I’m just so grateful for those guys—and, particularly, Nietzsche.  ‘Cause, EVEN in a world full’a people who throw around the word “freedom” in a context, without meaning—at the very least, thanks to those guys, when I use…no!

When I, utilize the word, *FREEDOM*—anyone, who is interested, CAN readily ascertain what it is, specifically, that I mean.

That’s a mouthful, but, then again—that’s, exactly, what I MEAN ;oD

All “languages,” aside—it is no small TASK, to speak in terms of universal meaning.  Enter the saints, and love, n’all a’THAT—but, you know what I mean.  To BE, understood—is a wonderful thing.

Sigh.  I foresee, in my very near future—some SERIOUS, paper writing ;oD

Which’s no small surprise, given—that **America’s** 2016 State of the Union Address, is the last paper, I’ve written!  But, even just the thought, that Putin and I are on the same page—in terms of Nietzsche’s definition, of freedom…



Lol, I’m just tired already—thinking ‘bout all the papers, I have ready…

But, have not yet—WRITTEN ;oD

And yet, even there—even SO!  That thought about Putin and Nietzsche—well, it’s immensely encouraging.

So, that’s something ;oD



Lastly, Numero Cuatro!  People, and povertyWhew!

Sigh.  I tell you what—I’ma tackle that one, another day ;oD

Super exciting!!!!!!!

And, I can—hardly, WAIT ;oD

All my love,

Marissa Kristina!

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