ON **RED** ROSE AND **SNOW** WHITE — The MAGICAL **Spare** Heir, and the **F*R*E*E*D** Unicorn ;oD

Reflection from April 17th, 2017 @ Age 35



BOY!  I tell you what ;oD

It sure FEELS—> like I’ve never before had such a challenging time, tryin’ a’CONCENTRATE

In my, whole—LIFE ;oD

And, all a’THAT—EVEN where, I love every single, lit-tle GOD-blessed thing I’ma workin’ on, at present ;oD

Joyful—JOY ;oD

I never knew it was gonna be possible—to, well, feel like this.



Marissa Kristina


Ohh yeah…


So, I did feel a lit-tle CHILL—from the ol’ MBM-III territory, just prior to Easter.

And, it was not pleasant—truly, I mean that.


As it turns out, what I’d said in my last video—was perhaps, NOT the kinda thang a dad should gloat OVER; in the sense, that doing so—would result, in a chill up on my shoulder.

The right one, in fact—which does hurt right now, as “fate” would have it ;oD

And, it’s been hurting—and neither the icy hot nor the heating pad, nor the base-a-BALL ;oD

None of the above—have yet been helpful in solving, that.

So, Marshall Bruce Mathers

Ouchy ouchies—for sure.




Ugh.  Well, speaking, of which

I redid, my green room—ART gallery, exhibit ;oD

And, the results, which “magically” appeared—out’a **randomness** ;oD

Well, were interesting and fascinating and **magically** MARVELOUSinDEED ;oD

Which, again then—reminds me…

Aside from, “finish your laundry”—I mean…


One sec!


Maris (2) a.k.a. TWO ;oD

Which then, magically FUSED—resulting in THREE (err, 3-in-ONE, that is) ;oD



As, I suspected (I’d previously read—on Wikipedia) baaasically, LET’S see…

Sept ’80—> Oct ’80—> Nov ’80—> Dec ’80—> Jan ’81 = four months.


feb ’81 = five months.


feb ’81—> March ’81—> april ’81—> May ’81—> june ’81


four months,


the aforementioned five months, which gives us a grand TOTO ;oD

of **9**

And, then

Shortly past mid-JUNE—> on over into THE **following** month of July 1981, gives us *JUST* approximately one more month (a.k.a. about one-month following the END—of a nine month, gestation “period”), if you catch my drift


i **<3** life


All my love,

Marissa Kristina Varcho


Isn’t it so interesting, that if it weren’t so…

Seemingly ;oD

RIDICULOUS—> it probably WOULD, take me back all over AGAIN, to wanting…

To KILL myself…

Question mark—BLAH, blah, blah, sigh….


Anyway, as Nietzsche SAYSpraise be to God for that, which hardens.  YAY!



*AND*—Prince Harry ;0)


ALL. of. my. love ;0)


Marissa Kristina Varcho




A unicorn and a lion ;oD

Love, love, LOVE ;oD


DOUBLE-lol, and—THEN, you be energy


i **<3** American ;oD




SPARE heir—I tell you, what…


That Prince Harry, better—LOOK out


Just all UP’n prepare himself ;oD

Harry Potter, ohhmy good GOD, in the high Heavens ABOVE ;oD

‘Cause, WE—are gonna have so. much. FUN ;oD

5 thoughts on “ON **RED** ROSE AND **SNOW** WHITE — The MAGICAL **Spare** Heir, and the **F*R*E*E*D** Unicorn ;oD

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