WHAT DO WE SAY TO THE GOD OF DEATH?/iHave LEARNED me the **magical** proof, for FIRE—a.k.a. philosophical arithmancy + counting my spiritual blessings ++ CRIMSON hair inside my D.N.A., *o*hhhhhhh Mi ;oD

Written Reflection from May 5th, 2015 @ Age 33


“So…” Professor Lupin had taken out his own wand, and indicated that Harry should do the same.  “The spell I am going to try and teach you is highly advanced magic, Harry — well beyond Ordinary Wizarding Level.  It is called the Patronus Charm.”

“How does it work?” said Harry nervously.

“Well, when it works correctly, it conjures up a Patronus,” said Lupin, “which is a kind of anti-dementor — a guardian that acts as a shield between you and the dementor.”

Harry had a sudden vision of himself crouching behind a Hagrid-sized figure holding a large club.  Professor Lupin continued, “The Patronus is a kind of positive force, a projection of the very things that the dementor feeds upon — hope, happiness, the desire to survive — but it cannot feel despair, as real humans can, so the dementors can’t hurt it.  But I must warn you, Harry, that the charm might be too advanced for you.  Many qualified wizards have difficulty with it.”



Chapter 12—The Patronus

Circa 1999

May 5, 2015

The Honorable Timothy Derickson

Ohio House of Representatives

77 S. High Street, 12th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Re:  H.B. 135 — Community & Family Advancement Committee

Dear Chairman Derickson,

I hope this letter finds you well.  I am writing today to address some preliminary issues relating to Ohio House Bill 135 sponsored by Republican Representatives David Hall and Sarah Latourette, entitled “Unborn child having Down Syndrome—prohibit abortion.”  As you know, this bill is set for its first hearing today at 4 o’clock in the Ohio House Community and Family Advancement Committee—to which you serve as chair leadership.  In this capacity, you herald a significant weight in directing the path through which we will come to examine this bill sociologically.  Accordingly, I provide you with the following insight by free will, and in the name of love — that same American spirit of independence upon which the foundation of our great nation was created, which we now continue to build upon.


To begin, in examining H.B. 135, we can see the roots of a patriarchal dominated sociological psyche at play.  To threaten the removal of a medical license {H.B. 135 Section 2919.20 (D)} in response to a doctor’s compliance with his female patient’s will to terminate pregnancy {H.B. 135 Section 2919.20 (B)} whilst simultaneously exculpating the female patient’s act of compliance in the medical procedure {H.B. 235 Section 2919.20 (F)}, is to suggest that the female psyche is in need of circumvention and any doctor who fails to comply with such a patriarchal need is “evil”.  The latter conclusion is a fictitious remedy for moral hatred; the former, a sleight of hand in judgment as against the sociological role of American women.

As it relates to same, I would like to suggest that H.B. 135 does not yet encapsulate the perspective of the alpha female.  As such, we are now provided with the unique psycho-sociological opportunity to better ourselves collectively, by broadening our perception to include the viewpoints of America’s fellow matriarchy.


As United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has recently espoused within the context of our great nation’s evolving conception of marital relations here in America, the psycho-sociological pretext proffered in support of “traditional” marriage—to maintain that destructive male-dominant/female-submissive codependent relationship—is quickly dying out.  Where women are educated, which fortunately includes a significant sector of our population here in the United States of America, women no longer need men to make our decisions for us.  This conclusion is notably vital in its application to the decisions that we as women make, in regard to the utilization of our own bodies.

If God wanted the male psyche to retain control of the human birthing power, he would have built the system from which humans are birthed into the male body.  God did no such thing; to the contrary, he reserved that force of nature solely to the female.


Moving back to the details of H.B. 135, I would like to further suggest that this measure is an attempt to use the force of moral hatred to cause female human beings to do things that they do not want to do.  To look at a woman who is pregnant with a child that she does not wish to bring into this hateful society, and tell her that she must be crazy for thinking as such, so crazy that we must remove her civil rights—is a clear display of close-minded, ill-conceived judgment bourn from the confines of a hateful mind.

I was a child who was born different from the norm within this society full of hatred for those who differ just as such.  And I was a child who endured severe psychological damage as a result.  Hatred poisons the mind and deteriorates the heart.  This society instilled within my mind from the very start, the idea that because I lack the ability to appear “perfect”, that I needed, to hate my self.  While I am grateful for the life that I have been given today, my gratefulness is deeply rooted in three prior decades of suicidal ideation caused by sociological roots of hatred.

To judge women who do not wish to bring a child just like me, a child who is different and who may very well be hated for their lacking capability to fit into the “norm” for this society, is to exhibit shallow complacency.  I would not wish the type of psychological suffering that I’ve endured at the hand of America’s patriarchal society upon any other human being, not even my own worst enemy.  To look on at a woman who does not wish that kind of suffering upon her own child through disdainful eyes—is to be the reason that woman does not wish to bring her child into this society.

The answer to abortion is simple.  You find a way to cause the men in America to stop impregnating American women who do not wish to be impregnated.  In the meantime, you work to dissipate all this “moral” and “religious” hatred, and question why Ohio House Bill 135 is not pending in the Ohio House Judiciary Committee where civil rights issues are debated.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marissa K. Varcho

Attorney at Law


Representative David Hall

Representative Sarah Latourette

Ohio House Community and Family Advancement Committee Members

Ohio House Judiciary Committee Members

Ohio Senate Members

SCENE/OPENING:  THEE United States of **America**/circa 2017—lights fade in:

[G]HOST OF GAMESHOWS PAST:  **Rahm** Emanuel, COME on down—you’re the next **player** on the price is RIGHT ;oD

RAHM EMANUEL:  [eyes widen with fear, but, he STANDS—and ambles on down the aisle].

GO[G]P:  **Fear** NOT, Rahmy boy—the game you’ll be playing today is TRUTH or **Dare** ;oD  Should you choose TRUTH, iWill read you a statement—and then, all you must do is simply confirm or deny.  OR, in the alternative, if you’re feeling **particularly** BALLSY, today—you can opt OUT of the **truth** and accept, the **dreaded** triple DOG dare

RE:  [mumbles—has trouble speaking] uhhh, iTHINK I’ll go **with** truth—today, Mr. Barker…

GO[G]P:  *o*Kayyyyyy, TRUTH it is—Rahmy, boy!  Here is your first affirmation—to **confirm,** or DENY:

Some “American” politicians actually perceive a **distinction** between, KILLING children directly (a.k.a. by their o.w.n. HAND)—versus, **actively** ALLOWING children to die (i.e. on THEIR watch, without **ever** having intervened to stop the KILLING).


GO[G]P:  **Very** GOOD, Rahm—here is your **second** affirmation, to confirm or DENY:

A document, with 5-categories affixed at the top, including [1] DATE, [2] Time, [3] **Activity,** [4] THEE **People’s** Interests Served, described in DETAIL, and [5] **Conflicting** Interests ALSO Involved, with all applicable criminal penalties **also** described in detail—represents the chart (i.e. SIMILAR, to an attorney’s tracking of **billable** hours) by which all American politicians will begin logging their TIME, spent advocating for the **collective** voice of their ENTIRE, constituency.

RE:  [gulps] True.

GO[G]P:  **Excellent** Rahm, iCan SEE—you’re **very** astute ;oD  Accordingly, we’re going to **enhance** the intellectual level of our QUESTIONING, here—THIS, is your third affirmation, to confirm or deny:

Public SERVANTS, either [1] directly chosen by the **American** people to serve their interests/a.k.a. the PEOPLE’s interests, within **America’s** government, and/or [2] INDIRECTLY chosen by the **American** people to serve their interests, via **appointments** made BY directly-chosen public-servants—are NOT **beholden** to the interests (conflicting, or OTHERWISE) of “corporate” entities which may or **may** NOT, be designated as “persons” under the law, ‘cause corporate entities are NOT **eligible** to participate in America’s voting processes.

RE:  ooooh!  TRUE ;oD

GO[G]P:  Lol, WELL **well,** look who’s warming UP—to our lit-tle inquiries routine ;oD  A **fine** job, you ARE—doing, indeed!  AND, if you **confirm** this next affirmation CORRECTLY, Rahm—you will move on to the **bonus** affirmation round with a CHANCE, to **pass** this entry-level trial-by-fire examination.  ARE **you** ready?

RE:  [palms **sweaty** BUT, with a look of **confident** determination—and the LIGHT of excitement, in his eyes] ohhh boy, Mr. Barker—you **BET,** iAm ;oD

GO[G]P:  Alrighty, Rahm, HERE it is—affirmation no.4, **confirm** or DENY:

The ENTIRE amount, brought into the government budget (computed separately—for EACH of **America’s** state, federal and LOCAL levels) via taxation (and, notably, INCLUDING—taxes from both “corporate” entities, and **real** live HUMAN people);

x (a.k.a. TIMES);

The FRACTION—representing:  the amount of time a politician spent in **service** as AGAINST, his or her constituency’s best-interests;

= (a.k.a. EQUALS);

An amount of $$ **representing** STOLEN funds, from the American people—to be divided EQUALLY, amongst every one of said politician’s constituents [excluding corporations, obviously]—to be funded, BY:

No.1.  Said politician’s **personal** ASSETS—and, IF/**when** said politician, becomes financially bankrupt;

No.2.  ANY organization which funded **campaign** contributions for said politician—all of which to be considered **only** AFTER, however, all “party” funds (DNC, GOP, whatev’s) have been exhausted.

SAID amount of $$, **shall** be refunded to every constituent—on an ANNUAL basis, via 1099 as tax **exempt** income;

NOTING, then, that state, federal and local **governmental** budgets—will NOT, be impacted; and, lastly,

In summary, the **entire** afore-spelled out process, REPRESENTING—the procedure by which “American” politicians **will** learn, what it MEANS, to serve the **American** people.

RE:  Mr. Barker, I’m gonna go on, a’HEAD—n’provide, a **CON-fir-Ma-TION** here ;oD

GO[G]P:  *o*hhhhhhh, he DID it—folks ;oD  Now, Rahm, moving into the bonus affirmation round—for which you HAVE, **now** qualified…

Noting, that if you CONFIRM this **affirmation** correctly—you WILL **live** on, to proceed with your studies for your NEXT **trial-by-fire** examination.

CROWD:  simultaneously, gasps—then, **oooohhs** and AHHHHs ;oD

GO[G]P:  *o*Kayyyyyyy, Rahm, FINAL affirmation—**confirm** or deny:

THEE **Lady** Madonna (a.k.a. The Holy, Whole-y Trinity) has come **back** to LIFE, in the form of the Parisian Avenger—to save the HOUSE of Thee United States of **America,** along with the entirety of Lady Liberty, Lady JUSTICE and Lady Amalthea’s cumulative CONSTITUENCY (a.k.a. **America’s** people).

RE:  [hesitates, MOMENTARILY—wipes the stream of sweat trickling down his forehead, from his eye…]

WHAT is… — **[t]RUE** ;0)

[…performs, a vi(k)tory dance, at the **end** of WHICH—his feet JUMP for **joy** in a lit-tle, leprechaun skip ;oD]

SCENE/CLOSING:  crowd—eRUPTS; Rahm Emanuel walks through TEENY tiny, lit-tle **flame** of fire—UNSCATHED; and, lights fade out.

Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice,

should not enter into the heat of debate.



Let us look each other in the face.  We are hyperboreans, we know well enough how far outside the crowd we stand.  “Thou wilt find the way to the Hyperboreans neither by land nor by water”: Pindar already knew this much about us.  Beyond the north, the ice, and death—our life, our happiness….  We discovered happiness; we know the way; we found the way out of thousands of years of labyrinth.  Who else would have found it?  Not the modern man, surely?  “I do not know where I am or what I am to do; I am everything that knows not where it is or what to do”—sighs the modern man.  We were made quite ill by this modernity, with its indolent peace, its cowardly compromise, and the whole of the virtuous filth of its Yea and Nay.  This tolerance and largeur de coeur which “forgives” everything because it “understands” everything, is a Sirocco for us.  We prefer to live amid ice than to be breathed upon by modern virtues and other southerly winds!    We were brave enough; we spared neither ourselves nor others: but we were very far from knowing whither to direct our bravery.  We were becoming gloomy; people called us fatalists.  Our fate—it was the abundance, the tension and the storing up of power.  We thirsted for thunderbolts and great deeds; we kept at the most respectful distance from the joy of the weakling, from “resignation….”  Thunder was in our air, that part of nature which we are, became overcast—for we had no direction.  The formula of our happiness: a Yea, a Nay, a straight line, a goal.


What is good?  All that enhances the feeling of power, the Will to Power, and power itself in man.  What is bad?  All that proceeds from weakness.  What is happiness?  The feeling that power is increasing, that resistance has been overcome.

Not contentment, but more power; not peace at any price, but war; not virtue, but efficiency* (virtue in the Renaissance sense, virtu, free from all moralic acid).  The weak and the botched shall perish: first principle of our humanity.  And they ought even to be helped to perish.

What is more harmful than any vice?  Practical sympathy with all the botched and the weak Christianity.

[*Translator Anthony M. Ludovici, noting—The German “Tuchtigkeit” has a nobler ring than our word “efficiency.”]


The problem I set in this work is not what will replace mankind in the order of living beings (Man is an end); but, what type of man must be reared, must be willed, as having the highest value, as being the most worthy of life and the surest guarantee of the future.

This more valuable type has appeared often enough already: but as a happy accident, as an exception, never as willed.  He has rather been precisely the most feared; hitherto he has been almost the terrible in itself; and from out of the very fear he provoked there arose the will to rear the type which has now been reared, attained: the domestic animal, the gregarious animal, the sick animal man, the Christian.



Circa 1895