ON U.S.A. ELECTION 2016 — **America** WON, Guys ;oD

Reflection from March 6th, 2017 @ Age 35





I can’t help, but WONDER—if the extent of the “GOP” 2016 Election plan, was as follows:

  1. Refuse to investigate ANY, of those pesky Russian interference claims—pre-2016 Election voting day;
  2. Ride Trump’s coat-tails, into a “GOP” 2016 Election “victory,” and THEN;
  3. Use Democrats’ anger against James Comey/FBI Director’s coerced, pre-2016 Election behavior—to get rid of pro-**America** James Comey/FBI Director; and
  4. Thereby, complete the “GOP’s” treacherous TREASON—as against, the United States of **America** ;0)

Their whole plan HINGED, on emotionally manipulating Democrats into getting rid of Comey.  And, when that req did not materialize—on account of Comey’s genuine concern for upholding the integrity of **America** ;oD

They lost—JUST right there ;oD


I <3 **America** ;oD

All my love!