WORKIN’ THE GOVERNMENT – This Little Thing I Love To Call My Democracy…

Well, I did it, I spoke out to my state senate last week, against Senate Bill 43 in opposition to government-forced treatment upon the “mentally ill”.  And then I followed up this week with written testimony.  If you are interested, these are the links to the Ohio Senate’s website where they published the materials I provided:

  1. Letter to Chairman of the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee re: my involvement with S.B.43; and
  2. Written Testimony that I wrote opposing S.B.43, which strips a mentally ill person of his/her civil right to make his/her own medical decisions.

I thanked my close family members, close friends and professional mentors last night, for all of the support they have provided me over the years.  I would next like to thank all of you, my readers, for all of the support you have shown me through The Cultivation of Beauty, as it relates to my endeavour to bring awareness to this issue.  It has been a long, dark and treacherous path that I’ve chosen – and is now so wonderful, to finally be walking back into the light.  Couldn’t have done it without your support.  Thank you.