Reflection from January 2nd, 2004 @ Age 22


Oh journal!  I can’t believe it’s a new year!  It’s crazy!  But what’s really crazy is that I am the new proud owner of my very own beautiful guitar.  That’s right!  I ain’t lyin’! 

Now, it was a $600 guitar and I got it for $400, including a hard-case and a second set of strings.  And she’s got a built-in tuner and everything!  She’s such a beauty too it’s hard to believe!  So now all that’s left is to learn how to play her so I can sing and play my husband/family/guests a song in my lacy off-white strapless wedding gown with a ribbon (a satin ribbon) wrapped around my torso!  So very exciting!

So then my only worry this month is how much damn money I am costing my parents.  Let’s do a tally…

$569 —Rent

$110 —Parking pass for school

$420 —Victoria’s Secret clothing

$400 —Guitar

$  ?? —Groceries/Toiletries

Ugh!  They’re going to kill me!  But at least I will be a well-dressed beautiful guitar-playing hippie (at heart) lawyer one day.  They’ll be so proud!  And all for the bargain price of hah!  Prolly about a million dollars!

But really, I am sending them $200 now for the guitar and I am sending them a grand for all else at the end of the month when I get my loan money.  So see!  It’s not so bad! And I don’t even have all those books to buy this semester hoorah!  I do wonder if I have new books for any of my four classes that are continuing on through spring.  I can’t wait till I get to pick my own classes!  Boot camp is half way over Miss Maris!  You can do it!