ON BREAKING THROUGH — To The Messy Insides ;0)

Reflection from September 10th, 2008 @ Age 27


I received praise at work today for a 10-page memo I wrote on spendthrift trusts and how they work as applied to the facts of our case.  It was really wonderful.  Gordon said it was exactly what he was looking for, gave me a few corrections in the facts and an additional idea for the real estate section (delineating the real estate powers outlined in the trust…which I missed) and then said again and again that this was just what he was looking for, and that the leap he was talking about in my review that he wanted me to take—I had in fact taken with this memo.  It was really, really wonderful.  I like to make my boss proud of my work.  I want to do that more often.  Now I just have to figure out how to be “more me” around my boss and just in general at work.  It’s funny to have a work review in which your boss requests that you lose your shyness and just be the entire you as you naturally are.  It’s quite personal really.  What a strange thing to have to work on.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on.  My dad picked up this book from the library today called Madness, and it’s supposed to be about a girl who is bipolar.  Now, at first I was a little worried this girl had taken my idea—but all her book is about is the consequences of the drama she created because of her illness.  She doesn’t look at her mind and her thought processes behind the drama.  She just focuses on the drama.  Which I can understand because, I’m sure there are a lot of people who are fascinated with these mad ass people who slice their arms in two and go around having raging fits of anger and destroying everything around them.  Madness is a good book describing the symptoms of the illness—but it doesn’t really focus on the illness itself.  There is not much focus on the mind and how it functions amidst this crazy illness.  That’s what my book is about.

So anyways, I feel better now that I know my idea has not been taken.  I am a one-and-only kind of girl with a one-and-only kind of mind.  And it shows.  I’ve yet to see though, if the content would be at all interesting to anyone else at all—let alone the public at large.  I suppose we shall see.  But in the meantime, yeah for me!