ON THE *3*1*3* — And, Bein’ ALIVE Again ;oD

Reflection from HAPPY March 13th, 2017 ;oD @ Age 35




Sigh.  Whew!


Let’s see…

Earlier today, I found myself—thinking, to myself…

“I feel like I’m preparing to leave, for war.”


In reality, the war has already—BEEN, won.  But, in the meantime, sigh

Baaasically, you know my cat, right—Sadie Mae?


Well, she’s been pissing all over—the, basement right

So, sigh

My ma really wanted me ta clean, it UP!

But, it’s like—once you get down there, it’s nice to already have everything elsa


Prepared, well…

Pre-prepared, I could say


For your return, up above—meaning, first and foremost…

You know you’re gonna get dirty, while you’re down there, n’all—so, everything was already pre-prepared, for my cleansing (a.k.a. bath time ;oD) up’ON, return.


Hence, the “preparing, for battle” thought.


Also, and lastly, ‘cause I am clean now—and, exhausted!  I just wanted’a mention a thought that I had a bit earlier—well, during, my bath.

Which, was…

I’ma just make a quick clarification, here—regarding the title of my prior post, on The Cultivation of Beauty, bein’, namely:

‘Coronation/check; Confirmation/check—all that’s left now is 1st Communion, right Pope Francis? ;oD’

I was just playin’ around with Pope Francis—HE’s my dude, and as such, well aware…

That I did my 1st Communion when I was 7-years old at St. Paul’s in North Canton!

The thought, though—was that, I always found it curious, that every year at St. Paul’s, a huge group’a kids, ALL did their first communions—together; BUT, for one

Yours Truly ;oD

Mhmm!  I was singled out, for a reason I cannot recall ;oD

And, I got’a walk down the aisle with “Father Ozar” (or, however you would spell that! ;oD)—with the whole, procession ;oD

Just, ME in white—a bunch’a guys, and some incense.



It’s good, to finally—be, alive ;oD

Marshall Bruce Mathers III—Happy *3*1*3*, is right ;oD

All my love,

To the Moon and back!