ON LIFE — Overcoming Great Challenges..

Reflection from February 3rd, 2004 @ Age 22

Re:  So, it’s POSSIBLE — that’s all I’m saying ;0)

God I feel so fucking lousy.  At least my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore today.  Fucking alcohol.

Fucking Crosby.  Fucking Aaron.  Fucking law school.  Fucking budget.  Fucking no clothes to be bought by me.  Fucking decisions to make about my like, nonexistent love life that I fucking don’t know how to make.  Fucking scared.

It’s just hard to believe I’m 22 years old and still have no fucking clue.  No idea what the point is.  What the fuck is the point?  I don’t know why I am here, living of course.  Or why I’m in Ohio or why crowds scare me or what.  It’s so frustrating!