ON RETURNING TOXIC POISON — To Its Rightful Ownership.

Reflection from March 23rd, 2016 @ Age 34


Hi.  I feel weird.  Again ;0)

I’m workin’ on getting my income tax info together for 2015, which required that I pull my 2014, 2013 and 2012 1040 info out, and I’m also preparing a debt spreadsheet with all that info up-to-date, and it feels weird I suppose because—it’s like revisiting all these places in my brain that I haven’t occupied for some time you know.  With the spreadsheet preparation—reminds me of all that time I spent working for Paul and then, with the old tax returns of course, the time when I was married and then the divorce and all that good stuff ;0)


I guess the “weird” feeling then, is that now—I can go to those places in my mind without fear of harm.  There’s no more danger there anymore—whereas those places in my mind used to be toxic and poisonous and filled with booby traps and lands mines and all kinds of ridiculous things that DID used to trip me up ;0)

And yet, it is no more—I am still there, the memories are still there, but the hatred is gone, and the ego is gone, and now it’s just one BIG wide open space for me to run around free in, and I’ve never felt so much happiness—so much all-encompassing and yet entirely unthreatening J.O.Y. before in my entire life ;0)

If feels amazing!  Lol, just as soon as you live through—finding your way through the Labyrinth into the Promised Land ;0)

All my love!

Back to income tax preparation ;oD