ON PLASTIC POLITICIANS — Versus **Dionysian** Wizardry ;0)

Reflection from November 29th, 2016 @ Age 35


Wow.  I mean, WOW…

I just arrived at a ridiculously…

Interesting conclusion—which, interestingly enough, I’m pretty sure I’ve also arrived at somewhere, once before.  Hah!  Once up on a time, somewhere

Back, way back when I was just a wee lit-tle angel—learning to fly, thanks to Senator Coley and the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee.


Okay, let’s see…

Where to start?  Well, I went on Twitter today to see what’s up in America politically—and no surprise, nothing was, up if you know what I mean.

I did see a bunch of GOP politicians behaving deplorably—also, again, no surprise!  However, I then pondered along a train of thought that went a lit-tle something, like this:

GOP totally won like, almost everything—which then does beg the question as to why they are still, behaving deplorably;

By “deplorably” within this context of American politics—I mean GOP politicians making obviously unconstitutional suggestions (like, black and white and not even a hint of grey—let alone fifty “shades”!);


These guys aren’t idiots in the sense that they are without legal counsel who’s telling them what they’re “suggesting” is totally unconstitutional;

That means these GOP politicians are utilizing their “suggestions” of unconstitutional behavior, not for the purpose of actually wanting to accomplish same—but rather, for some other reason, by which the consequence of driving people in America, ahem, like, as in, WE the American people

Essentially, these GOP politicians have been, for years (prolly decades, even ;0) fueling the American people with hatred for some reason (which’s still hidden)—without any concern, whatsoever, as to the consequences of said behavior, naturally being:

  1. Serious mental illness in the form of rage, within humans who have no tolerance for and/or coping skills with which to deal with same—all the while being sure as sure can be, to heavily arm these humans with not just guns and ammunition, but so too weapons that are military in nature (as opposed to non-wartime weapons, for “civilians”); and
  2. Serious mental illness in the form of depression—within American citizens who feel helpless in terms of righting said unethical “GOP” situation, thereby inducing within these good and innocent and ethical human beings, suicidal ideation leading to death, in many cases including most notably, **America’s** veterans.

So, all of that’s been goin’ on since God does know when—and then I arrived on the scene back in October 2013, just publicly wondering why it is, that the “GOP” wasn’t interested in funding some kind of medical assistance for all these seriously mentally ill American citizens;

And yada yada yada they hoped my voice’d die out with the voices of all the other mentally ill Americans, including our veterans—who just. kept. questioning THEM (i.e. “GOP” politicians);

And, I did fall through the cracks and they all watched it happen—and then America caught me, put me on Social Security Disability, discharged all my federal student loans due to said disability, and said:

Heal yourself lady, and do it, in the most effective, efficient and aesthetically-pleasing fashion—and keep records of the whole ordeal as you go, for later reconstruction into ethically-sound, patriotic, psychological ammunition;

And so I did—and here we are!

The GOP has no legitimate defense—but after all the harm they’ve caused to all their fellow American citizens, you besta believe they’d rather let their fellow Americans die, than lose their “patriarchal” hierarchy.  You besta believe it—and the best part is, America’s Founding Fathers full well knew this was going to happen.  Hence, the “In God We Trust” on all the spineless dollar bills—in conjunction with the United States Constitution, which specifically forbids religious persecution.

Now here we are, with an entirely ethically-unsound, plastic set of “Christian” and “Catholic” “GOP” politicians—who would rather kill their fellow Americans, than repent for their own sins.

See!  I told you it was interesting!



P.S. I <3 how the NSA Director who was supposed to be in charge of this whole cyberwar, against ISIS—has done nothing but cause harm to **America** and her people.  I do not envy his position—although, I can certainly understand his demoniac patriotism.  In all honesty, how could he’ve even known—Lady Liberty would show up, after all that time?  I pity the fool, really, I do—he doesn’t even what he’s in for, what, with the wrath of Lady Liberty.

Uhh ohhh ;oD



And then taking all the aforementioned of whatever I said—and then, add to it:

If that NSA Director had done his job, in terms of waging cyberwar against ISIS—doing so would’ve necessarily required waging war equally as much so in the same fashion on America’s “GOP,” which’s been “religiously” persecuting the American people under the guise but of course, of plastic “Christianity” and “Catholicism” in the exact same ideological manner (i.e. via hatred) as does ISIS with its proliferation of plastic

Ohh, whichever that religion is!  “ISIS’s” plastic version of “Islam” and the “GOP’s” plastic versions of “Catholicism” and “Christianity” (and all the other gazillion plastic variations, as well!);

That’s why the GOP was so adamant, about framing ISIS’s terrorism in terms of “religion” (i.e. “good” and “evil”)—as opposed to framing the issue as would Friedrich Nietzsche but of course, in terms of love and hatred, which would’ve caused the “GOP” to have to implicate itself, just as much as it would implicate “ISIS” (and of course, the “GOP” has done nothing to fight ISIS in any case—‘cause the “GOP” has gone after Islam in America, in the “GOP’s” good ol’ unconstitutional way);

Wow—the thought that this NSA Director was doing nothing to fight ISIS in America (and that’s a generous, characterization!)—combined with how the “GOP” spent years and years working to convince **America’s** people, that President Obama was Muslim, and that it was President Obama’s fault the “war” against ISIS was going nowhere;

And then that, in conjunction with this line some GOP Chairman had said in a Congressional hearing—regarding the Bush Administration having something to do with bringing terrorism, to America (it was a side note in one of the articles I’ve read in the past couple weeks—but all the same, WOW!);

And then even too, the fact that this NSA Director was brought on post-Edward Snowden, i.e. the guy who exposed the wicked extent of the NSA Surveillance Program—combined, with all those “seriously mentally ill” people who used to tell psychologists just like U.S. Representative Timothy Murphy of Pennsylvania that they felt like the “government” was “watching” them, only to be told by psychologists that they must be so super seriously mentally ill, for even thinking that (cue Edward Snowden and the “GOP’s” wicked NSA Surveillance Program!);

And then, there was one other thing too, which’s slipped my mind at present moment—something about another one of the articles I read, but I just got out of the shower so I’ma go dry off and get dressed, and I’ll be back ;oD

When I think of it!


Ohhh yes…

I have to go back through and find the article, I can’t even remember now what it was regarding in a general sense—I mean, most of them were regarding the FBI Rogue Division’s blackmailing scandal pre-election, but then post-election I started broadening the scope ever so gently, after having completed the pre-election reading!  Anyway…

Somewhere in there, was an article with a very strange comment by a GOP politician—regarding his disdain for “creative” types, which just struck me as interesting, in the sense that all creative-types have the same Dionysian brain chemistry structure to which Nietzsche referred, which is what predisposes us to “serious mental illness” within just the kind of toxic environment full of hatred, **America’s** GOP loves so super much, to cultivate.