ON BEING A HUMAN — **SO** Wretched and Yet, So **Beautiful** ;oD

Reflection from December 26th, 2014 @ Age 33

RE:  WHO I AM ;0)

Hi.  My stools are bloody again.  It happened the first time a few months ago or less even, and then went away.  But now it’s back.  Yesterday and today; it’s very strange.  It’s like double-helixed blood stools that come out, and then spare blood as well.  It looks like ink-dye in the ocean-well.  Red.  Blood Red.  So I don’t know.

The last thing I want now, is to allow more incompetent and completely —CARELESS— doctors UP my anus-hole ;0(

So I dunno.., I just don’t know.

Otherwise, been feelin’ kinda tired but in great spirits all the same.  Bryce was over here yesterday on Jesus’ birthday ;0)

And I showed him my Olympia typewriter and let him try it out, and he wrote—he typed out, “i love you” on it and then when I told him it was from Germany, he said he was gonna have to go to Germany and get one just like mine ;0)

I laughed and said I found it here actually ;0)

In an antique store—in a Treasure Shop ;0)

The night prior, I was over at his house with John and he was having trouble falling asleep—what with Santa on the way n’all ;0)

So I went upstairs to see him and got in bed with him and told him I’d come over to bring “great tidings of joy” to attract the old man—and so all Bryce had to do was try’n fall asleep, and then all would go just according to plan ;0)  And so it did!

Before I went back downstairs though he caught me in a word tangle, and was all worried I’d stopped loving him.  I looked at him and smiled and said, “ohh no.., no, no!”  I said, “Bryce, I’ve loved you since the moment I found out you were coming, and I’ve never stopped loving you since.”  If only all beauty could be so pure.