ON BEIN’ A HUMAN — **So** Complicated ;oD

Reflection from January 2nd, 2016 @ Age 34


Time is moving through a slow-motion vacuum.  Which is fine by me, because I’ve been utilizing said freedom to catch up to-date on Game of Thrones and Girls by way of John’s HBO GO on my iPad.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m still in my same body, after all else has changed.  I suppose that is requisite, given the procedure of enlightenment.  But all the same, being a “human” can be so complicated.

In any case, I’ve been biding my time well—arguably speaking, but all the same.  The CYA (well really, cover my ass, I should say ;0) letter I sent to Dr. Saribalas did relieve my anxiety, and now here we are in beautiful January of 2016!  And I am so glad!

Think about it—2015, blech!

2016—Rockin’ ;0D

2018—sweet rollin’ down the river ;0)

2019—almost there; and

2020—The beginning of the remainder of all ETERNITY.

I don’t know why—don’t ask me such silly questions!  I only know that it shall be—for all the rest, we must wait and see.  Isn’t patience such a beautiful thing?  Lol ;0)

Well, in any case, you’ll notice the corresponding ages there—35 (blech!), but *then* (to which 35 is prerequisite!) we have 36, 37, 38 and 39.  And particularly—36 and 37.  And you can’t get to 36 and 37 without passing through 35 Miss Maris!  It is what it is, and so is the false prison of babies concept they sold to you as motherhood.  To think we need any more BABIES!  We’ve got thousands of them running around in legislatures all OVER the country—still waiting to be raised UP!  ;oD

Ahhh…I love being me!  What a wonderful position within which, to be!

Lady Liberty—I am free!