ON THE MAGICAL APPEARANCE OF ANGELS – God’s (Doin’ it for Love) vs. Victoria’s (Doin’ it for $$)


Reflection from August 26th, 2014 @ Age 33


I’m sitting at the Stone Table ;0)  And I was here yesterday too— last night, too tired to write, but important enough to note, now that I do have the energy and all you know ;0)

Lol…I don’t know…I’ve been getting lots of signals lately— like, from the Universe and all.  FDC signs, if you know what I mean ;0)  Which I know you do not— but, in time my dear friend, in time.


Anyways, the other day I was at the mall— this was back when I was prepping for Grandma V’s eulogy you know.  And so I needed toiletries, notably mascara, because the ones I’d had before were so old I was slightly concerned I would get an eye infection and all.  So anyways, I went to Sephora and then I had to stop at Victoria’s Secret to get some panties, because I’ve switched over to these cotton ones now, and they keep falling apart…getting holes in them or where the stitching comes out.  Anyways— I need some panties so I stopped at Victoria’s Secret, at Polaris, and found a cute 5 pair for $25 and as I was checking out, the lady at the cash register noted that Alessandra Ambrosia would be there at the store the following day ;0)


I asked her what for and she was bewildered—the girl at the cash register—and I just had to laugh.  I said…

“Just to appear?”


So that was pretty funny!  I got the card and all, the “announcement” for her appearance— this Victoria’s Secret Angel :0)  And then I immediately on my way out to the car, took a photo of it and sent it via text to my brother…

Anyways, long story short, it was just funny because just the day prior, I was over at John’s house, in fact ;0)  Telling him all of my vision for my first “demonstration” that I’m planning— a women’s rights movement which notably— involves the Victoria’s Secret Angels ;0)  My fleet of angels…

They’re going to march with me in stilettos and panties in front of the nation house ;0)  On whatever street that happens to be ;0)

For, if men can put videos of these angels marching on TV screens and outside the Victoria’s Secret store over at the mall at Easton, then surely there would be no issue —also— with them marching down the street before the men in —Congress— over in DC ;0)

Hah…it is true!  After all!  Girlsdo, just wanna have fun ;0)  Who knew?!!

Lol…hahh j/k but kind of, but you know what I mean— with the timing and all, of A.A.’s angelic appearance coming up…it was just fun is all ;0)

Alright, so anyways, it’s super hot out here!  Over 80 and notably— with my boots on!

I’m willing fall to come!  In the meantime I’ma go sell this diamond —watch— already, so I can take D to the vet and get his heartworm pills, and get this first congressional —mailing— out!  But I shall be back soon no doubtso much more fun to be had!  I can hardly even wait for it!

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(0;  Can’t TOUCH This  ;0)