Reflection from December 3rd, 2016 @ Age 35


A couple interesting observations…

First, regarding disappearing—i.e. Pink’s song, “scatterbrain” mode, etc.; and

Second, hmm…

What was it?


I’ll be back with it—I’m sure it’s not strayed too far.  And then to explain it all too, but of course!


Okay, second, I think—was Grandpa Sabik regarding UFOs, NASA, bankers and POTUSOA ;oD

Be back so super soon!



So many things!

Well, in any case—I’m back, to explain pending points no.1 and no.2 of the infinite ;oD

So, let’s see here—no.1 being, ahhh yes!  Invisibility


As akin, to my scatterbrain “mode” (i.e. function) in relation—to Pink’s song “Just Like Fire” from Disney’s movie version of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” Part Deux, also know as “Through the Looking Glass” n’all that sorta thang!

Okay, so, somewhere in that song Pink’s talking ‘bout how, well, she says:

“I’ma disappear when they come for me,” in conjunction, but of course, with the Cirque du Soleil-esque video right—wherein she wants to bring light into this world full of darkness, but he is all drivin’ her mad with serious mental illness ‘cause he is darkness, and light trumps him and he knows it, and so for some reason he has no problem killing his fellow human beings by way of torture right—psychological torture (think CIA) so that he can stay in command.

Or something like that, but you know what I mean…

So, there’s that, right—and then, taking that in conjunction with me, I’m pretty sure my scatterbrain-mode function is equivalent, to what Pink’s talking ‘bout in “Just Like Fire” with regard to disappearance.  So that’s interesting…


And then, regarding no.2 here—I just also found it to be interesting, that on two separate occasions within the most recent, “past” timeframe, my (biological) mother has “autonomously” mentioned how her (biological) father told her he’d seen UFOs way back when, somewhere before my mama turned sixteen and they all moved to Cleveland from Uniontown, PA.  So, this’s my, maternal grandfather—who, notably:

  1. Saw UFOs in Uniontown, PA—sometime prior to 1965, approximately;
  2. Supposedly, as the tale ;0) goes, invented the tile that NASA eventually utilized on the nose of its (i.e. our) spaceships—a.k.a. an idea which was then promptly stolen from him, by “people” who were not poor and could afford patents and attorneys and “just” etc. etc. that sorta thang; and
  3. Then, lastly (for now), this is the man—who for some reason singled me out, and let it be known to my (biological) parents and God does know who else—that when I grew up, I’d be either a banker, or else, the President of the United States of America.

I wonder if he’s laughing up there in Heaven right now—what with my dual ownership of both money, and money’s “America.”



Ahh yes, and another thing…

I had’a put the brakes on my 2016 Election/FBI Rogue Division/Blackmailing reading, ‘cause it was such a large influx of information to process—and so, I put that all on the back-burner for marination (i.e. scatterbrain-mode function processing).  But one thing that struck me as so super interesting, both at the time of reading and now repetitiously within the present time being—is that this “Steve Bannon” character perceives Speaker Ryan, to be a GOP “elite” ;oD

The whole story, err, the whole backstory I should say—is incredibly fascinating, and I can hardly wait to share it!  However, sigh, for the time being (i.e. I am human, which’s why patience is, a virtue!)—hmm, just in reference to these two particular characters…


Let’s see, how can I do this?

Okay, so, Speaker Ryan was being, I mean—is really, if you happen to follow his Twitter “handle” out of compulsion, I mean—Speaker Ryan is for whatever reason, well, he behaves linguistically in any case…


Like a total morally-pious, pompous snob—which I think is why Steve Bannon does not like him, which I can certainly understand…


The funny part, though—and we’ll define “funny” later, okay?


But, the interesting part of their whole relationship, in my opinion—is that this feud has to do with “moral” pomposity, i.e. it has nothing at all to do with intelligence in the sense of merit.  Blah!  Let me try, again!

I’m not sure that either of the two are any more or less intelligent, generally speaking—but what does seem to be the case with the “GOP” as it relates to same, is that it:

Accepts the benefits, from people like Steve Bannon who behave in unethical alt-right/neoconservative fashions—whilst simultaneously shunning, those same people publicly; and

Then holds people like Speaker Ryan up publicly, as moral “examples”—which makes people like Speaker Ryan feel so super warm n’ fuzzy inside, that they would not even notice the unethical (not to mention—unconstitutional) nature of the “GOP’s” policy positions just generally speaking!


And, again

The “GOP” needs the American people to not notice—the “GOP’s” unethical and unconstitutional behavior.  While, at the same time, the “GOP” cannot separate itself from unethical behavior (i.e. hence, Steve Bannon’s benefits offered to the “GOP,” and the “GOPs” consequent acceptance)—because without same, the “GOP” would no longer have the capacity to violate the Constitution of the United States of America.

So, in other words, the GOP needs Steve Bannon and the alt-right/neocons—because without them, the “GOP’s” death becomes official.  Ughhh…

And there’s so much more to that part of the story—but for present purposes, noting only that patience is a virtue, and moving on for an equally-brief introduction to Speaker Ryan’s involvement within the GOP’s two-faced, ethically-unsound “Steve Bannon/Paul Ryan” situation.

So, the “GOP” uses Steve Bannons to do its unethical dirty work, and I’d presume, pays them for doing so with money—or rather, money alone, whereas the “GOP” pays Paul Ryans, for their services rendered, with both money and facetime (i.e. the kinda “legit” “GOP” “facetime” that seems to’ve been driving Steve Bannons crazy with envy).

So, while the alt-right/neocon Steve Bannons are like, the GOP’s dirty little mistresses—the GOP publicly married its Paul Ryans, and holds Speaker Ryan and all those guys out publicly, as their wife.  Lol, and then simultaneously, cheats on Paul Ryan with Steve Bannon—‘cause Paul can’t give the GOP what Steve can.


See!  It’s funny in the sense of roaring farce for all those not involved, whatsoever—and yet, incredibly harmful to those involved, including:  [1] the GOP, [2] Paul Ryans, [3] Steve Bannons, and [4] most importantly—America.

And, in all honesty, it used to be killing America—but then, Lady Liberty finally decided to show up on the scene, Steve Bannon followed her in all his love for Mary Magdalene, Paul Ryan followed her in all his love for Mother Mary, and who’s left then, to deal with?

Ahh yes


Just the good ol’ GOP.

Very Truly Yours,

Lady Liberty